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Expert reveals how Nicola Sturgeon REALLY felt after election failure



Expert reveals how Nicola Sturgeon REALLY felt after election failure

The SNP had a disastrous night at the polls, losing 21 seats, including 11 to the Conservatives.

It was a devastating blow to Nicola Sturgeon after her party won almost every single seat in Scotland at the last election.

Body language expert Darren Stanton analysed her body language on the final night of the general election 2017, and claimed photographs show “a very different Nicola Sturgeon than what we have grown accustomed to.”

The 46-year-old politician from Irvine was caught in one very revealing picture, touching her eyes in a manner that Darren claims can be a sign of tears.

“Nicola is clearly showing an expression of sadness, her head is down and her eyes are in the down position. A very telling picture,” Darren claimed.

“She is making a gesture as if she is picking lint out of her eye but how many of us have felt like we want to cry and made this gesture?”

However, Darren pointed out this is no indication that the Scottish minister was close to tears.

However, he added: “The gesture is consistent with the other body language.”

Standing with her hands clasped together in her red jacket and skirt suit, Darren suggested that the politian was allowing her true emotions to show.

“This is a person totally shocked and in disbelief and is such a total change from her normal gutsy baseline behaviour,” he observed. 

“In all the many months I have been assessing and writing about Nicola Sturgeon, she has always adopted a strong fearless stance, arms outwards, which is a like a peacock making itself as large as possible. 

“However, this is a very different situation. I imagine if our career hung in the balance we would exhibit similar gestures,” Darren said.

Sturgeon showed mixed emotions towards the press on a disappointing night, smiling with genuine happiness at the reporters in some images – Darren claimed.

However, some inevitable tensions were at play.

One image shows the politician was “less than impressed” with one member of the media.

“This is not a genuine smile and if you look closely you can see the crows feet a lot less pronounced,” Darren noted.

The pro-Scottish independence party lost two faces, with former First Minister Alex Salmond losing to the Conservatives.

Angus Robertson, deputy leader of the SNP, also lost his seat in Moray to the Conservatives.

But Ms Sturgeon still tried to play up the SNP’s performance.

Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Congratulations to all newly elected MPs. Proud that @theSNP won the election in Scotland with more MPs than all other parties combined.

“However, we had bitterly disappointing losses and my heartfelt thanks go to all of our brilliant candidates who were not re-elected.

“We will now reflect carefully on the results and move forward in the best interests of all of Scotland.”

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