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Diversity and creativity celebrated during Scotland Fashion Week in North Glasgow



A unique community collaboration of fashion design, music and art, took place last week in Saracen House, Possilpark and across Glasgow.

Scotland Fashion Week – Unheard Voices brought together 10 new fashion designers from across Scotland for a week-long programme.

Launched Monday 24 April at Saracen House, Possilpark, local collective House of Kungi hosted the week which included the showing of a Fashion History short film and an exhibition space with some of the designers. An ‘Evening Exhibition Showcase’ offered the opportunity to view the exhibitions and interact with the designers and performers.

A ‘Black Tie Networking Event’ concluded the week in Possilpark with opportunities for creators to meet and connect with each other, followed by a panel discussion. The final event was a full fashion show held at the Tramway on Saturday 29 April.

House of Kungi, established by Divine Tasinda and other local entrepreneurs, aims to provide a strong example of entrepreneurship and bring a spotlight to the incredible talent that is present within North Glasgow.

Under the leadership of Divine Tasinda, founder of Three 60 Dance, the House of Kungi have received funds from UnLtd Scotland and, with the support of local housing association ng homes, have brought an exciting programme to the North of Glasgow.

Their goal is to support under-represented young people to develop their own businesses and social enterprises by highlighting the creative talent already in place within North Glasgow and the aspirations for others to pursue their creativity and bring this to a wider audience.

Catherine Rossine, ng homes chairperson, attended the opening night and was full of praise for the efforts of organisers and designers. She added: “It was wonderful to be able to attend the launch and to see an event like this taking place in North Glasgow.

“It’s clear to see the amount of creative talent on display. It’s important that we support their efforts, and we wish them well.”

Margaret Fraser, deputy director of regeneration, said: “ng homes is delighted to be supporting Scotland Fashion – Unheard Voices. This will demonstrate the wide range of creative talent within North Glasgow and recognises the work across the community and partners and to highlight the area as a force for positive change.”

ng homes has worked alongside local entrepreneur, Divine Tasinda, for over eight years as one of a collective of three young people who were funded through a partnership with ng homes and Building Futures Fund. She established her own business, Three 60 Dance company, which has successfully delivered to many children in the North of Glasgow and beyond.

Three 60 and House of Kungi have premises in Possilpark and support the Community Improvement District; Remaking Saracen.

The Lord Provost, Councillor Jacqueline McLaren, attended the launch event Monday and praised efforts saying: “We’re delighted to have been able to be here to launch Scotland Fashion Week – Unheard Voices.

“It really shows the talent in the north of the city which we have and which we want to keep. I would also like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the organisers and sponsors for their time and support in getting this fantastic event off the ground.”

Thomas McAlister from UnLtd Scotland also praised the efforts of organisers, adding: “It’s wonderful to see social entrepreneurs like Divine creating solutions to local problems. We think House of Kungi will help showcase local talent and inspire other young people into taking social action.

“Ideas like this are evidence that enterprising people are at the heart of so much positive change in local communities.

“We hope UnLtd Scotland’s tailored package of cash awards and support will help to develop many sustainable businesses that will deliver lasting social impact. Our vision is a future where social entrepreneurs flourish in and with their communities, implementing sustainable, locally embedded solutions.”

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