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Bernat Klein: Design in Colour | National Museum of Scotland



Throughout his 40-year career, Klein worked across fashion and interiors, colour consultancy and industrial design. His design philosophy influenced fashion, fine art, interiors, architecture and colour theory, while his 1957 home, by renowned architect Peter Womersley, is one of the Scotland’s best examples of domestic modernist architecture.

Model room setting, Bernat Klein Design Consultants Ltd and the Department of the Environment, 1971, © Crown copyright. Licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v 3.0 (K.2010.94.4).

Learn about Klein’s creative process and career through objects such as paintings, textiles, garments and examples of product design and branding, and discover how his design ethos continues to inspire designers today.

Tulip petals rug, Bernat Klein Design Consultants Ltd for Tomkinsons, Kidderminster, wool jute and cotton, 1967 (K.2010.94.1246).

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