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A Bootleg Pennywise is Terrorizing Scotland and I’m Afraid



It pains me to write the following words, but there is a clown roaming around Skelmorlie, Scotland. I wish it wasn’t true, but alas, a bootleg Pennywise has risen—and he wants to play. According to Sky News, the masked character has challenged the local community and police to catch them. But first! They have to solve a series of riddles.

Thankfully, this makeshift Pennywise isn’t out for blood. After seeing reports of terrified residents, they posted a video to Facebook called “A message to the media.” (You know, to clear things up.) “You call me killer clown, why don’t you leave the jokes to me,” the masked character wrote. “The only thing that’s dying is your credibility.” Despite the deeply creepy message, a spokesperson for the Scotland Police said there’s nothing to worry about.

So, who’s behind the mask? Sky News believes that some residents may know the clown’s identity, but so far, no one has dared to ruin the surprise. The clown’s Facebook account is registered under the pseudonym, Cole Deimos, and the profile says they “studied at Clown School.” Since posting the Facebook video, Bootleg Pennywise orchestrated a scavenger hunt for willing participants.

On Friday the 13tth, a bunch of clues were scattered around Skelmorile. The prompts led players to the North Ayrshire community garden, where they found a small box. Instead of receiving a prize, the players found a mirror inside with the word “clown” written on it. Getting clowned by a clown? Next-level trickery.

Afterward, the clown conducted an interview with Sky News to discuss the prize. They told the outlet, “The clue led them to a popular place, in the heart of the village where I hide in the day. They then had to hunt for a thing with a lock. After a third hunting party, they found a black box. After all their hard work, they opened it up and gasped—to be met with their own face staring back.”

Isy Agnew, one of the women who solved the riddle, told the news outlet that it was a fun experience. “There is nothing sinister or creepy, just a way to bring the community together.” On the morning of the scavenger hunt, Ms. Agnew found a red balloon and a box by her door. The offering was considered an invitation. “As far as I’m concerned, personally I love it,” she said. “My grandchildren love it too. They’re thrilled granny has had a visit from Pennywise.”

Luckily for Ms.Agnew, the clown’s games are expected to continue through Halloween. Perhaps the next riddle will uncover the Skelmorile clown’s identity once and for all.

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