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Your weekly horoscope 10 Feb to 16 Feb by Astrologer Jaya Shree



Your weekly horoscope 10 Feb to 16 Feb by Astrologer Jaya Shree

{“title”:”Weekly Aries Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Aries Horoscope”}

Aries: Mercury, the planet for communication, media and speech will enter the sector for mysteries, sleep, and emotional self. This is a very crucial transit as Mercury will not feel that happy in this sign. So, you have to take care of your communication. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Taurus Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Taurus Horoscope”}

Taurus: Mercury, the planet of communication media and speech will enter the sector for collective projects and long-term goals during this week. This is a good time for team ventures. You should analyze what you want from your team. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Gemini Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Gemini Horoscope”}

Gemini: Mercury will be jumping into the sector for career and bosses. This move is a great one and that will make your work very communicative. There will be some work from communication-related domains. Writers and authors will have more work. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Cancer Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Cancer Horoscope”}

Cancer: You will be more interested in studies and action. Mercury will be moving to the sector for foreign collaborations, travels, and higher studies. This will be a great opportunity for projects from foreign places. These projects may need some additional skills. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Leo Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Leo Horoscope”}

Leo: Mercury will move into the sector for finances and partnerships. This is a very sensitive time for both. Mercury is a planet which indicates analysis, accounting, and communication. These communications will be mostly about finances and partnerships. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Virgo Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Virgo Horoscope”}

Virgo: You will be focusing on your partnerships and contracts during this week. Mercury will start activating the sector for partnerships and deals. You will have to be careful with your partners. Mercury indicates communication and speech. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Libra Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Libra Horoscope”}

Libra: You will find a lot of focus on your work. There will be some projects with communication skills. Mercury, the planet for communication will bring some opportunities from the same sector. Most of these projects can be short ones. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Scorpio Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Scorpio Horoscope”}

Scorpio: Mercury, the planet for networking and gatherings will enter the sector for creative projects and romance. This is a time for networking and especially for your own ventures. You will try to get new contracts and necessary changes to bring perfection for your work. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope”}

Sagittarius: Your family sector will be very much highlighted during this week when Mercury enters this sector. Mercury indicates speech and media and there will be a lot of communication regarding your family matters. It can be a real estate deal or some repairing work at home. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Capricorn Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Capricorn Horoscope”}

Capricorn: Mercury will be entering the sector for media, communication, and siblings. This is a big phase for you because this planet will be in an unfriendly sign as well. So, you have to take care of your communications. There will be enough opportunities for a lot of communication. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Aquarius Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Aquarius Horoscope”}

Aquarius: Mercury will start activating the sector for money and material possessions from this week onwards. You will be communicating a lot about money and finances. This is a complex time for your savings. See More

{“title”:”Weekly Pisces Horoscope”,”description”:”Weekly Pisces Horoscope”}

Pisces: Mercury will move into the sector for personal life, health, and ambitions during this week. This move will activate your personal life, but Mercury is unhappy with this sign. So, you have to be careful with your personal life. See More

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