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Your Post-Lockdown Travel Horoscope: Top Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign | SUITCASE Magazine



a world where everything is topsy-turvy, we’re seeking ways
to make sense of our lives. Faced with future of unknowns, many are
turning to traditional astrology as their guiding star. After all,
despite us earthlings coming to a standstill, the planets continue
to move and affect our energies.

Take big boy Jupiter, for example. It’s the planet of
exploration, travelling, learning and growth, and guess where it is
right now? In Capricorn, the sign of structure, restriction, and
practicality. To the astrally uninitiated, this means that the
universe is begging us to sit down, visualise our goals and be a
little less spontaneous. Coincidence? I think not.

Capricorn is the father of the Zodiac, so think of it like this:
it’s a bit traditional, wants us to regularly check in with our
grandparents and likes wearing khaki shorts – socks and sandals,
optional. Just like those fathers who would choose a barbecue over
a Bedouin desert tour, when this sign is crossed by Jupiter, it’s
essentially asking us to lay low on the travelling. Not completely
stop, but exercise a little bit more caution. We’re talking
closer-to-home staycations, long weekends in the countryside and
refamiliarising ourselves with the beautiful spaces we’re lucky
enough to inhabit. We might find we don’t need a plane to get the
thrill of an adventure and find a renewed appreciation for our
surroundings. Exotic food is delicious, but sharing a Sunday roast
with your father has a certain special something about it.

If we take this time to approach travel in a structured way,
planning and budgeting, we’ll be set to face Jupiter’s transit into
Aquarius on 19 December. That’s when we’ll get a push from the
water-bearer to manifest our plans and think outside the box. We’re
talking one-in-a-lifetime trips and back-into-the-world adventures.
Throughout 2021, Jupiter will move back and forth between Aquarius
and Pisces, and our travel choices will go from quirky and bold to
spiritual and life-changing. With all of this on the lunar plate,
it makes sense that the stars decided to grant us a bit of time to
focus and get our plans together.

We know there’s been a lot of time between Zoom calls
and dreaming of different destinations and, as a result, our
must-visit lists are overflowing. That’s why we’ve compiled this
guide to help you get focused and get started, in true Capricorn

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