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Win it Minute: What is the oldest university in Scotland?



Win it Minute: What is the oldest university in Scotland?

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Author: Lauren MitchellPublished 13th Feb 2023


We play the Win it Minute every weekday on Jeff and Lauren in the Morning at 8.10 am. Get all 10 questions right within 60 seconds and you’ll be walking away with £500!

Here’s the latest set of questions from Monday 13th February 2023. Francis from Port Elphinstone took on these questions and scored 3 out of 10.


Q1. Which American city is known as the Big Apple?

Q2. What month will it be next month?

Q3. If you have £1 and spend 25p, how much do you have left?

Q4. What P is both the centre of your eye and a child who goes to school?

Q5. Which Joe is a keeper, with the No.1 jersey for the Dons?

Q6. Chris Hoy is an Olympian best known for cycling or long jump?

Q7. Which former member of One Direction has just won the Grammy for album of the year?

Q8. What is the oldest university in Scotland?

Q9. What is Miss Piggy’s Surname?

Q10. Who played the part of Father Peter Clifford in 90s TV show, Ballykissangel?


A1. New York A2. March A3. 75p A4. Pupil A5. Lewis A6. Cycling A7. Harry Styles A8. St Andrews A9. Lee A10. Stephen Tompkinson

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