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Which Reign Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?



The CW’s Reign finished its four-season run in 2017, but its premature cancellation was a bitter disappointment for fans. The story of Mary, Queen of Scots was told in its completion, but the last season saw much of her life skipped over.



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The series accumulated quite the fanbase, one that still misses the show and its many characters. Over the four seasons, viewers are introduced to the many people who were important in Mary’s life. The first three seasons remain focused on her life at the French court, with an increasing focus on England, and the fourth moves to Scotland.

ARIES: King Henry II

Aries love to be number one and often dive into challenges headfirst. Henry does this over and over, which is also what leads him to his death. Despite his flaws, he’s passionate, motivated, and very confident as a leader.

He maintains a cheerful disposition most of the time but is prone to selfish tendencies and explosions of his fiery temper. For a king, he’s a little too optimistic, but this is a typical Aries trait.

TAURUS: Stéphane Narcisse

Narcisse is the character to ask if something needs doing. He’s incredibly tenacious and resilient, considering everything he’s gone through. However, especially when he’s first introduced to the series, he seems overly fussy and stubborn.

He prioritizes his own comfort and pleasure and has a hard time letting go of feuds and relationships. He’s also very greedy and defined by his physical and material desires, which is why he’s so flirtatious. However, just like a Taurus, he’s patient and ponderous.

GEMINI: Lord Darnley

will kemp reign Darnley

Geminis are known for their fun, outgoing natures, and Darnley certainly doesn’t allow for a dull moment, but this is usually to his weakness. Played by Will Kemp, this character seems adaptable at first, but soon it becomes clear he’s actually indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, and nosy.

To be fair, Darnley is adventurous, flexible, and enthusiastic. Mary is at first attracted to his wit but soon finds him to be irresponsible and superficial.

CANCER: Catherine de Medici

Catherine de Medici in Reign

Catherine is a loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring mother, if sensitive, moody, and vindictive. Whatever her faults, she’s committed to her family, throne, and country. She goes out of her way to protect those she loves even if it means sacrificing others’ lives.

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As a ruler, she can be overbearing, but that’s because she likes to have her way. Cancers enjoy independence in their relationships, and Catherine certainly doesn’t need anyone to depend on but herself. She can be prone to brood, but she’s actually a nurturing mother and friend.

LEO: Louis Condé

Condé falls in love with Mary after she’s married to Francis. He seems warm and charismatic at first, but his fiery personality is soon revealed. Still, his character is consistent, strong, brave, and determined.

He craves success, as most Leos do, but can be arrogant and stubborn. Condé isn’t afraid to show off his power and command and sometimes struggles to accept criticism. However, he’s so inclusive and passionate that everyone seems to want to be acquainted with him.

VIRGO: Dauphin Francis II

Reign Francis

Francis is Mary’s one true love and is a very kind, gentle, helpful, and supportive partner. As a monarch, he’s guided his logic, practicality, and systematic approach to solving problems. He proves his intellect and resourcefulness time again in his commitment to his country.

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Outside of his duty as a royal, he likes to build things, which shows that he’s hyper-aware of details, as Virgos usually is, and is a perfectionist while having a presence in the material world.

LIBRA: Princess Claude

Claude is introduced as charming but superficial, though socially adept and able to solve conflicts. She sometimes has a tendency to be a people pleaser, which is common in Libras.

Her clothes and bedroom suggest an appreciation for art and connoisseurship, and she always surrounds herself with stunning objects. In another life, she could’ve been a designer, stylist, or decorator, which are a few professions Libras are suitable for.

SCORPIO: Mary, Queen Of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots from Reign standing outside and smiling.

Mary is a natural leader. She rules with bravery, loyalty, and honesty, but she’s still a human. In her personal life, she’s emotional and craves intimacy. Her presence is powerful and demanding no matter where she is, which makes her seem deep and intense.

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When she sets her mind on a task, she will do everything possible to see it through. Mary doesn’t like compromises, which sometimes leads to jealousy, resentment, and stubbornness. Like a Scorpio, she thrives off being in control.

SAGITTARIUS: Sebastian de Poitiers

Bash starts to smile in Reign

Bash displays many Sagittarius qualities: he’s adventurous, rebellious, restless, and progressive. Simply put, he can’t be contained, thwarted, or bossed about, even by his legitimately royal family.

He craves freedom in all aspects of his life and is honest even when it means being tactless. He enjoys traveling and the outdoors, where he spends much of his time to escape the toxicity of court life. In typical Sagittarius fashion, most of his dialogue is philosophical.

CAPRICORN: Queen Elizabeth I

Reign Elizabeth Rachel Skarsten

Elizabeth is remembered in real life as one of the most ambitious rulers in English history. Her persistent and relentless nature is an important part of her character in Reign but is balanced out well with sensitivity.

At first, she seems rather dry and uptight, but she’s just highly disciplined and realistic, raised in the environment she has been.

AQUARIUS: Nostradamus

Nostradamus is a seer who plays a key role in season 1. He predicts that Francis will die because of Mary, which is why Catherine is so desperate to keep them apart. Nostradamus is a literal visionary, which makes him exceptionally eccentric and original.

He doesn’t have a clear shape and can’t be defined or categorized. However, he is very compassionate and wants only to serve justice. He’s also intelligent and tries only to use his abilities for good.

PISCES: Lady Lola

Lola appears concerned in the woods in Reign

Lola is a very good friend to Mary and her other ladies. She begins the series as a laidback, empathetic, and agreeable girl. But over time, difficulties reveal her emotional and overly trusting nature. Lola is quick to listen to her friends’ problems and take on the role of a therapist, but she has a hard time accepting help from others.

She seems to fall hard and fast, and move on just as quickly, especially after her lover is killed in the show’s first season. When she and Francis have a baby, she proves that she can work well with others no matter the circumstances.

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