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When Scotland will see heatwave temperatures as weather maps predict 26C



Scots can look forward to basking in heatwave temperatures this month, but not before enduring more rain.

After a week of unpredictable conditions, as well as the “odd rumble” of thunder, new weather maps predict the mercury in parts of the country hitting 26C. Prior to this, it will swing back and forth between chilly days under 10C and milder conditions of 15C highs.

The latest data from WXCharts shows a hot front breeching into the east of the UK by Saturday, June 22, while temperatures will range from the high teens to the low twenties elsewhere in Scotland.

Maps indicate conditions remaining clear for the remainder of the week, while temperatures fluctuate. But the weekend is set to be a lot wetter as an area of low pressure migrates from the south, which is set to travel over the entire country, lasting until Monday, June 17.

Parts of the country are predicted to bask in 26C(Image: WXCharts)

Data shows this warm bout lasting for a few days until Sunday, June 23, before dropping back to the mid-teens for the rest of the following week.

Unfortunately, the long-term outlook from the Met Office is not as positive, stating that temperatures around the same time see to be likely slightly below normal for the time of year. Its report, which spans from Sunday, June 16 until Tuesday, June 25, states that the start of this period will consist of “a continuation of a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers likely dominating across the majority of the UK”.

It added: “Some showers are expected to be heavy and could be accompanied by the odd rumble of thunder. Breezy in some coastal areas, most likely across the southeast and northwest.

“Later in the week and through the following weekend, confidence in any dominant weather pattern is low.

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