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Wes Welker is glad he didn’t go to the Tom Brady roast



Tom Brady regrets being roasted. Wes Welker doesn’t regret not attending Brady’s roast.

Now Miami’s receivers coach, Welker was asked this week about the event.

I was a little disappointed in the Brady roast,” Welker said, via Adam H. Beasley of “There was some funny stuff and everything, but you know, it was what it was.”

Welker, who didn’t elaborate on the basis for his disappointment, wasn’t asked to speak at the roast. He was invited to attend.

“I was asked to sit on the side and get roasted, which I’m glad I wasn’t there,” Welker said. “To each their own, I guess.”

If Welker had attended, he surely would have been chided (probably repeatedly) for the dropped pass in Super Bowl XLVI that prompted Brady’s ex-wife to declare that Brady “cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

I’ve never thought it was a drop. It was a tough catch, and it wasn’t exactly thrown perfectly. But, hey, Welker can’t catch the ball and throw the ball at the same time.

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