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Weekly Round Up: Fashion and Pop Culture News That Stole The Spotlight



ICYMI, here are the top moments in fashion and pop culture that made headlines this week

Matthew Williams Exits Givenchy

Matthew Williams, Creative Director- Givenchy

Matthew Williams bid adieu to Givenchy, concluding a three-year tenure as creative director marked by an avant-garde blend of innovation and contemporary elegance. Departing on January 1, 2024, Williams expressed gratitude for the opportunity to perpetuate Givenchy’s storied legacy while injecting it with his distinctive creative vision. As the fashion world eagerly anticipates the announcement of his successor as creative director, Williams plans to shift his focus to ehis high-end streetwear label, 1017 ALYX 9SM, promising a new era for both the visionary designer and the iconic fashion house.

Academy Museum Gala 2023 Takes Place In Los Angeles

The 2023 Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles unfolded as a star-studded spectacle, seamlessly blending the celebration of cinematic excellence with a philanthropic drive to raise funds for the museum’s cultural initiatives. Dua Lipa’s sheer dress and Billie Eilish’s pinstripe skirt suit, among other noteworthy looks, stole the fashion spotlight on the red-carpet. Deepika Padukone achieved a significant milestone as the inaugural Indian actor to receive an invitation to the prestigious gala at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, California, marking a momentous recognition of her global influence and contribution to the world of cinema.Honoring luminaries such as Meryl Streep, Michael B. Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and Sofia Coppola, the gala was a harmonious convergence of Hollywood glamour, cultural appreciation, and social responsibility.

Design Names Win Big At The Fashion Awards 2023 

Sarah Burton, Fashion Designera


London’s Fashion Awards 2023 emerged as a night of recognition and celebration, shining a spotlight on industry icons and nurturing emerging talents. The prestigious event, serving as the primary fundraiser for the British Fashion Council, underscored the industry’s immense contribution to the UK economy. Noteworthy winners included the esteemed British designer, Sarah Burton, awarded for her unparalleled career, and Edward Enninful, acknowledged as a trailblazer reshaping the fashion landscape was awarded with the trailblazer award. The ceremony highlighted Jonathan Anderson’s multifaceted contributions with the designer of the year award while Valentino Garavani scooped the outstanding achievement award. The posthumous tribute was given to the late Joe Casely-Hayford, emphasising London’s pivotal role in shaping global fashion and championing young design talent.

A$AP Rocky Fronts Bottega Veneta’s New Campaign


A$AP Rocky took center stage in Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Spring 2024 campaign, seamlessly merging the realms of luxury fashion with real-time, paparazzi-captured moments. The rapper not only showcased Bottega’s accessories with signature style but also presents a unique blend of high fashion and street authenticity. This unconventional campaign not only defines the brand’s contemporary narrative but also sets a precedent for engaging and unconventional marketing approaches, bridging the gap between fashion and everyday life.

Pink Maharani And Jil Sander Collaborate For A Line Of Accessories


Jil Sander’s collaboration with Pink Maharani emerges as a powerful union of luxury and a profound commitment to social impact. The handmade accessories line, crafted by women in Kashmir, symbolises more than just exquisite craftsmanship – it represents a fusion of Jil Sander’s trademark understated luxury and  Pink Maharani’s unwavering dedication to empowering women. They transform lives by providing education and vocational training, equipping women with the skills and confidence to break barriers and pursue their aspirations. Through mentorship programs and community support, they foster a network that empowers women to thrive independently. This collaboration transcends typical fashion partnerships, standing as a testament to the positive change that can be fostered within the industry when creativity, vision, and a commitment to social responsibility converge.

International And Indian Fashion Designers Showcase at COP28 

Shantnu & Nikhil’s Collection: Indraa

COP28, the 28th annual UN climate meeting, convenes in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12, 2023, providing a crucial global forum for governments to strategise on limiting and adapting to climate change, marking a pivotal moment in collective environmental action. It witnesses a groundbreaking intersection of sustainability and style with Stella McCartney spearheading the charge. The Sustainable Market at COP28 becomes a beacon of inspiration, featuring over 15 next-gen pioneers showcasing breakthroughs in regenerative agriculture, bio and plant-based alternatives, and traditional fibers. Renowned Indian design duo Shantnu & Nikhil presented their latest collection, ‘Indra,’ at the COP28 Sustainable Fashion Summit 2023 held at the United Nations on December 6, alongside prominent designers such as Stella McCartney, LVMH, Rami Kadi, and Gelareh Designs. Notably, Shantnu & Nikhil were the exclusive representatives from India at this esteemed international event. Prior to their participation, the designers served as keynote speakers at the India Global Forum in the UAE from November 26 to 29, where they made history by forming a strategic partnership with Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited.

Angelina Jolie Plans To Leave Hollywood


Angelina Jolie recently shared her candid perspective on Hollywood, revealing that if she were starting her career today, she wouldn’t choose to be an actress, citing the increased expectation for public exposure. In an interview with WSJ , Jolie expressed a preference for theater over Hollywood, emphasising her lack of faith in the industry’s significance. The Oscar-winning star disclosed her plans to eventually leave LA and relocate to Cambodia, driving home the desire for authenticity over the superficiality of Hollywood. Jolie, who is not currently dating, highlighted her close bond with her children, calling them as her closest friends and biggest priority at the moment.

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