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WATCH viral video: Aditya Narayan throws fan’s phone during concert



In yet another shocking incident, Indian singer and TV host Aditya Narayan threw a fan’s phone, hit the person, and threw their phone away from the stage mid-concert. The video of him doing this to the fan has now gone viral with netizens slamming the singer for his inappropriate behaviour and indecency. 

Over the past weekend, Aditya was hosting a concert in a college in Chattisgarh where this incident took place. He was speaking to a jam-packed venue as music lovers could be seen enjoying themselves, with their phones out to record the event. 

In a video that is circulating online, Aditya seemed to stop performing, grabbed a fan’s phone and threw it away from the stage, in full force. He looked visibly upset and agitated at the fan for recording the event. Aditya was at the time, reportedly performing to the song “Aaj Ki Raat” from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Don. As he was singing, he lost his cool and took their phone.

Watch the viral video here:

Why did he get upset?

We don’t know what triggered Aditya Narayan but as per past indicents, anything could have ticked him off. 

Aditya Narayan is easily miffed and gets embroiled in scandals easily as he seems to have temper issues. 

Netizens slam Aditya Narayan’s behaviour

As the video went viral on social media, netizens started slamming him. One user wrote, “What is wrong with Aditya Narayan? So arrogant and for what? Disrespectful towards his own fans?” 

Another wrote, His audacity is infuriating. bro actually hit the guy’s hand with his mic too.” Some other reactions ranged from, “Are you kidding me right now? Who does he think he is? What a douche,” to, “I have rooted for him for so long. Not again.”

Aditya Narayan and his controversies

Wherever Aditya goes, controversies seem to follow him. Earlier, he was in the news when he was in a scuffle with an airport staff at the Raipur airport. In 2017, a video of his spat with the airport staff had gone viral. In the infamous video, Aditya said, “Teri chaddi nahi utari na, to mera naam Aditya Narayan nahi (I will disgrace you in public, you don’t know I am Aditya Narayan).”

Aditya Narayan is the son of veteran Indian playback singer Udit Narayan. Aditya is known for singing in Indian movies and hosting gigs on shows like Indian Idol. He has also tried his hands at acting. 

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