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Walk with the Mayors scheduled for fitness and feedback



Coos Bay Mayor Joe Benetti and North Bend Mayor Jessica Engelke continue efforts to foster unity among their cities.

Their first Walk with the Mayors took place Monday afternoon with the pair leading the way.

The walk began at Coos Bay City Hall and proceeded to the Coos Bay Boardwalk allowing for residents to speak with the mayors on topics like July Jubilee in North Bend, parking construction in Coos Bay, and zoning concerns.

Mayor Benetti says through simple conversation, the cities have become more united than ever.

“What do we do to engage the community together, and this came up in discussion talking about walking. The other thing that we are both focused on is health, so we want to improve the health of the community. Jessica brought up the blue zone, so we talked about trying to initiate that again which is healthy areas in dining and eating, but this was also a way to integrate information with the citizens,” said Benetti.

“So many of the citizens and residents of North Bend and Coos Bay might work in one city and live in the other. So we really try to focus together on the fact that we’re two separate cities with our own identity, but we’re one community. So let’s talk about things that affect our community together and what better way to do it than outside in this beautiful sunshine,” said Engelke.

Engelke says they plan to continue the walks with the next one scheduled on December 18 at North Bend City Hall at 12 p.m.

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