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Top ten Scottish influencers taking over social media one tap at a time



Glasgow is emerging as an “influencer hub” as increasing numbers of Scots earn a crust through social media.

Influencers are people with large followings on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, and whose incomes derive largely from brand promotions.

They have tended to congregate in London and Manchester, but the recent rise in Glasgow-based influencers has not gone unnoticed and an increasing number of international brands, including the beauty company Nars, are choosing to host events in Scotland.

Kirsten Cameron, the co-director of Aquarius Creative, which specialises in managing influencers, said: “Glasgow has become really important for influencers and big brands are now coming to do events here, which just wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.

“Influencers in Scotland are growing very quickly

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