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This toddler on a plane is all of us during holiday travel



A 1-year-old toddler is going viral for her very relatable reaction to a long day of travel, including a delayed flight.

Meadow Biegel, 1, was flying with her parents and 4-year-old sister from Wisconsin to their home in Florida last month when her mom Sarah Biegel captured a video of her look, which could be described as a mix of disheveled and pure exhaustion.

“She had decided not to nap at all that day,” Biegel told “Good Morning America” of her youngest daughter. “When the video was taken, she was [in the middle] to end of that flight, and she was quiet because of the pacifier — but without it, she would have definitely been squawking and having a fit.”

Meadow Biegel, 1, is pictured on a flight from Kansas to Florida in October 2023.

Sarah Biegel

Biegel said she and her husband Vince were doing “everything possible” to keep Meadow content after a day that began with an early morning rush to the airport after their original flight was delayed two hours, which would have made them miss their connection.

The family barely got on another flight from Milwaukee to Kansas City, where they had a two-hour layover, according to Biegel.

After the layover, the family took a nearly three-hour flight home to South Florida, which is the flight on which Biegel took a video of Meadow.

Vince Biegel holds his daughter Meadow on a flight from Kansas to Florida in October 2023.

Sarah Biegel

When Biegel shared the video of Meadow on Instagram, it quickly went viral as a relatable travel moment.

“Sis this took me out and gave me flashbacks of traveling with my daughter when she was a toddler she is now grown with her own little family and my grandson who is a toddler now,” one commenter wrote. “Can’t wait to see how her traveling experience goes next week.”

Biegel said she found comfort in knowing that she and her husband are not alone in experiencing chaotic travel days with kids.

“I thought it was funny because it was probably one of our worst travel experiences,” Biegel said. “So I’m like, gosh, I’m glad everybody else thought this was funny. And looking back, I can laugh at it now.”

Biegel said she hopes her family’s viral video moment doesn’t scare other families from flying, but instead offers them encouragement to keep traveling with kids, even through hard days.

Sarah Biegel is pictured with her husband Vince and their two daughters.

Sarah Biegel

“There are definitely people that are saying in the comments, ‘Don’t have kids on a plane,'” Biegel said. “But solidarity to all the parents who fly with kids, because you can’t stop living just because you have kiddos.”

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