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The ‘ultimate Scottish workout’ created by topless fitness fanatics in kilts



Two tartan-clad fitness fanatics ditched the high-tech gear for the great outdoors as they shared a hilarious video of ‘The Ultimate Scottish Workout‘. Personal trainers Stephen Clarke, 41, and Rab Shields, 40, are known as ‘The Kilted Coaches’ and showed Scots you don’t always need a gym to keep fit.

The topless pair, from Perth, pushed themselves to the limit surrounded by the gorgeous views of Scotlands natural beauty, using cabers and huge rocks in place of dumbbells and weights machines.

Stephen and Rab, who released the video in 2020, wanted to inspire others to get active outdoors, using nature as their fitness studio. And they led by example, even splashing into a freezing river for some ‘aquatic push ups’.

The duo came together to launch a fresh approach to fitness back in 2015. Rab said: “It was after having lunch (and a couple of whiskies) that we came to the conclusion that too many people were taking health and fitness too seriously.”

Their joint venture, The Kilted Coaches, hopes to inject joy and balance into fitness, advocating for hard-work, nutritious food, fun, and an understanding that life should be enjoyed along the way.

Rab said: “Relax and ensure you enjoy your lifestyle rather than making yourself miserable trying to achieve some unrealistic goal. For us, that means enjoying a few drams of whisky from time to time.”

The tartan-clad duo love exercising in the great outdoors(Image: Kilted Coaches)

Speaking about the decision to don traditional Scottish dress, they said: “We love wearing kilts – and Scotland in general – so why not mix that into the wellness coaching?”

Speaking about the hilarious video, the pair said: “The Ultimate Scottish Workout video is clearly tongue-in-cheek to make people smile but is followed up with a serious message to prioritise progression regardless of your starting fitness ability.”

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