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The Sunday Show: Scottish Greens, Alba and Reform UK make pitch to voters – BBC News



Martin Geissler is joined this morning by three panellists to analyse the week’s news and the interviews we’ve been listening to.
They are:

  • Chris Stark, Carbon Trust Chief Executive
  • Talat Yaqoob, writer and equality campaigner
  • Dougal Sharp, Innis & Gunn founder

Dougal Sharp says that the priority for parties “needs to be changing the status quo”, pointing to creating jobs, schools and hospitals.

He says there should be “more momentum” from parties on those matters and it is leading to an unengaged electorate.

He feels net zero is a “defining issue of our times”.

Talat Yaqoob says that Alex Salmond was “managing expectations” regarding Alba’s aims for the election.

She adds that the Alba leader was “unable to talk about policy” and kept returning to independence rather than discussing topics such as poverty.

She feels the collapse of the Bute House Agreement has given the Greens a head-start on other parties, while she is critical of Reform’s campaigning on immigration.

Chris Stark says it was “striking” that the leaders did not discuss policy much, and that it was “disappointing”.

He would like to hear more “passion” and policy details about Scotland’s future.

He was unimpressed with McDade, saying there was a lot of “incoherence” in her statements, and that he didn’t recognise any of the numbers being cited by her with regards to saving £30bn through scrapping net zero funding.

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