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The once popular Scottish 1980s baby names that deserve a resurgence



Anyone who has ever had to pick out a name for a loved one will know that it is no mean feat.

Whether it is a baby or a pet you are choosing a moniker for, knowing that it will follow them for the rest of their life can pile on the pressure. Nobody wants to end up regretting a name they chose, which can lead to a lot of overthinking.

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to names, but a great source of inspiration is Scotland’s history. While there are centuries of heritage to pull from, those wanting something a bit more modern-sounding can take a look at the National Records of Scotland.

The non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government has records on the 100 most popular baby names in the country each year going all the way back to 1935. It has also compiled a list of the names that were top picks but have since fallen out of vogue.

The Daily Record has previously rounded up some of the previously popular names in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s that deserve a comeback. Now, we are turning our attention to the 1980s.

Continue reading for a roundup of the baby names that haven’t been popular in Scotland since the 1980s, as well as their origins and meanings.

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According to the National Records of Scotland, the last time Jon featured among the country’s top 100 boys’ names was in 1980. The name, which has French origins, is derived from John and Jonathan. It means ‘God has given’ or ‘God is gracious’.

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This pretty girls’ name surprisingly hasn’t been seen in Scotland’s top 100 since 1988. Old English in origin, Kimberly means ‘from the wood of the royal forest’ or ‘from the royal fortress meadow’.

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Kylie, which was last among Scotland’s most popular girls’ names in 1988, is an Australian Aboriginal name that means ‘boomerang’ or ‘graceful princess’. According to the National Records of Scotland, this was the same year that Kylie Minogue (pictured) finished on Neighbours and launched her solo career. It is also the only time the name has ever been seen in Scotland’s top 100.

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Next up is Linzi, which was last featured as one of Scotland’s top 100 girls’ names in 1988. The name, which itself is gender-neutral, has both English and Scottish origins. It means ‘from the island of the lime tree’ or ‘from the island of linden trees’.

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Finally, we come to the lovely girls’ name Shelley. Last counted among Scotland’s top 100 in 1980 according to the National Records of Scotland according, Shelley is an Old English name that means ‘meadow’s edge’ or ‘clearing on a bank’. Its popularity at the time may be attributed to actress Shelley Duvall (pictured), who appeared in the legendary 1980 horror film The Shining.

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