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The Betting and Gaming Council Calls for the Welsh and Scottish Casinos to Reopen Following England Venues – GamblersNews



The Betting and Gaming Council or simply the BGC is the single industry organization for gaming and betting which today represents online casino gaming venues, online sports betting venues, betting shops as well as other businesses of this kind. Members of the Betting and Gaming Council association come from the United Kingdom gaming and betting industry which in the United Kingdom employs 70,000 individuals as well as contributes with over £14 billion to the United Kingdom economy.

As listed on the official website of the Betting and Gaming Council association, one of the major business missions of the association is to champion casino gaming and betting industry standards in order to ensure enjoyable, safe, and fair gaming and betting experience for all individuals. Today, the Betting and Gaming Council association in the United Kingdom sets the highest standards in the industry.

The association is also focused on building both institutional and public trust in the United Kingdom gambling and betting industry through its codes of practice and codes of conduct which are crafted carefully to ensure everyone is treated equally and everyone is offered safe, fare and enjoyable betting and gambling activities.

England Casinos to Reopen on the 1st of August

The United Kingdom Prime Minister has just recently announced that casino venues located in England can finally reopen and resume their operations on the 1st of August following a long period of four months of these venues being temporarily shuttered down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Commenting on the news, officials at the Betting and Gaming council said that they are delighted for England casinos which can finally reopen since this will provide a major tourism boost to all hospitality industries.

Nonetheless, the Betting and Gaming Council also calls for the Welsh and Scottish casino venues to reopen as over two thousand employees in the industry are affected by the four-month shutdown. When it comes to casino venues located in England, they employ over 12,000 locals as well as provide millions in taxes. Needless to say, casinos in England also contribute greatly to the region’s tourism economy, so there is no wonder why the UK government wants to get these facilities up and running as soon as the situation allows.

Strict Coronavirus-Induced Measures and Guidelines

Before the United Kingdom Prime Minister announced that casinos in England will reopen on the 1st of August, the Betting and Gaming Council association has been working very hard to get land-based casinos back in the game especially after England bingo halls and betting shops reopened. Needless to say, casinos in England which will open their doors to the public after four months will have to follow strict coronavirus-induced guidelines in order to ensure that both employees and players remain safe and protected.

Commenting on the long-awaited reopening process, the Betting and Gaming Council’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Dugher said that after four months of mandatory lockdown, it is super exciting to finally see casinos reopen on the 1st of August. He also added that these venues will play one of the most important parts in the recovery of the UK’s hospitality and tourism industries. Since the UK casino venues employ thousands of individuals, the Betting and Gaming Council association wants to see the same reopening action in Wales and Scotland as the uncertainty is never good for work staff.

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