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Teenage gambling addict who blew £100k opens up about his secret habit



An ex-gambling addict, who blew £100,000 in four years, is on a mission to stop other young Scots from falling into the same trap.

Paul Pettigrew’s world spiralled out of control after a fruitful first trip to the casino, aged 18.

The shop worker, from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, got hooked on covert trips to the bookmakers and online betting – telling family he was walking his dog or seeing friends.

And within a few years the 24-year-old racked up debts to betting sites, pay-day loan firms and loved ones – with the most owed at one time being £28,000.

Now in recovery, Paul has broken his silence and launched a campaign to stop more teens going down the same destructive path.

Young footballers listen as Paul Pettigrew lays bare his previous gambling addiction. (Image: Handout )

He told the Record: “I was going to the bookies twice a day, seven days a week and gambling on my phone constantly.

“My head was wasted. From age 18 to 22, I gambled around £100,000.

“I was robbing Peter to pay Paul; begging one relative for money, to keep another friend quiet.


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