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Taylor Swift thanks ‘beautiful’ Scotland as inspiration for one of her albums



Taylor Swift’s first night of the Eras Tour in Edinburgh kicked off at Murrayfield stadium on June 7, with thousands of adoring fans flocking to the capital to see their favourite star.

And it turns out that the 34-year-old pop singer has a lot of love for her Scottish fans and even the country itself as she hailed our country as the inspiration for one of her most popular albums.

Folklore, which came out in the lockdown era of 2020, quickly became a firm favourite amongst Swifties due to its indie-folk sound and calming lyrics during what was a very lonely time for many people.

As she took to the stage at Murrayfield last night, Taylor described how the ‘beautiful’ scenery of Scotland was what inspired her to write Folkore during that ‘era’ of the show, which saw the stage decked out with a mossy green cabin.

Strumming on her guitar, she said: “Whenever I see the beautiful videos of Scotland and all the castles and all the moss and the woods and all the green, I always think about Folklore. You know, I think that might have been part of my imaginary fantasy.

“I started writing this album two days into the pandemic, so I just created an imaginary world that I lived in, instead of just my reality.”

Gesturing towards the mossy cabin, she described how that was where she imaged she lived during this time, joking it was “really chic” but had “terrible insulation.”

She continued: “I would go to this foresty, mossy, beautiful, natural world which I now realise is probably just based on videos I’ve seen online of Scotland.”

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