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Super Bowl Gatorade Color Prop Odds: Betting Guide, Tips & History – Tekedia



Enthusiastic NFL enthusiasts worldwide relish in grand celebrations, and what better occasion to showcase an odd yet enduring custom than the Super Bowl?

The discussion surrounding the Gatorade color at the Super Bowl consistently ignites fervor. The tradition of the Gatorade shower, as per numerous accounts, originated in the mid-1980s and persists to this day. It has garnered such popularity that sportsbooks actively offer odds on the color of the beverage.

Among the plethora of diverse options for Super Bowl proposition bets, predicting the color of the Gatorade ranks among the most prominent.

There’s definite value to be uncovered in this proposition bet. During the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration last February, players doused coach Andy Reid with purple liquid.

Purple, which was a considerable long shot ranging from +750 to +1800 among sportsbooks, saw action.

Some self-proclaimed Gatorade color “experts” argue that these bets should consider a team’s colors, but that wasn’t the case last season – the Chiefs’ main colors are red and yellow.

Best Betting Sites for Super Bowl Gatorade Color Bets in 2024

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Bovada Best Super Bowl Betting Odds
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Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

The odds for the Gatorade color at Super Bowl 58, set to take place in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, started appearing about a week and a half before the grand event.

This year’s matchup features the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Despite both teams primarily sporting red, the reigning Gatorade color champion, purple, opened as the favorite at Bovada.

  • Purple +185
  • Red +260
  • Blue +400
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +420
  • Orange +550
  • Clear/Water +900
  • No liquid to be poured on coach +2000

TG.Casino initially favored purple as well, offering odds of +190, while red and blue shared the second-favorite position at +250.

In the previous Super Bowl, BetOnline’s odds for the color of the Gatorade shower were as follows:

  • Blue +100
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +225
  • Orange +300
  • Clear/Water +1800
  • Purple +1800
  • Red/Pink +2000

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Patterns

Since the inception of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower, orange has consistently emerged as the most probable color choice.

While the yellow-green Gatorade hue has been a popular beverage option, it has seldom been the winning selection for bettors wagering on the Super Bowl Gatorade color.

In fact, the appearance of yellow or green has been notably less frequent compared to the prevailing favorites like orange, blue, and clear (or water). Since 2001, these colors have collectively secured 13 “victories” as the chosen Gatorade shower color.

Throughout the years, some insightful handicappers have applied the “cranky coach” theory, particularly in the context of the New England Patriots. Under the guidance of coach Bill Belichick, who led the team to six Super Bowl victories, the option of “none” emerged victorious thrice.

When the Patriots, under Belichick’s helm, faced defeat against the Eagles in Super Bowl 52, yellow emerged as the chosen Gatorade shower color, marking its first win in over a decade.

Though it’s challenging to apply precise betting analytics to the Gatorade shower tradition, there are always enthusiasts who see it as a puzzle waiting to be solved. This fascination makes it one of the most sought-after Super Bowl betting options among fans of America’s premier sporting event.

Since the January 25, 1987, Super Bowl, where the New York Giants triumphed over the Denver Broncos 39-20, orange has emerged victorious 12 times.

In the last five years, the color blue emerged as the champion three times, yet in the latest Super Bowl, purple defied odds ranging from +750 to +1800 across various betting platforms to claim the win.

However, the colors red and pink seem to be overlooked. Could it be that they’re perceived as not masculine enough to be considered?

Summary of the winning Gatorade colors at the Super Bowl since 2001

  • Orange – 5
  • Clear – 4
  • None – 4
  • Blue – 4
  • Yellow – 3
  • Purple – 2
  • Red/Pink – 0

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Outcomes by Team

Certain bettors who analyze Gatorade shower trends suggest that a team’s Gatorade color might be connected to its identity. However, a historical overview reveals little support for this theory.

Below is a summary of the year, the team, and the color of their Gatorade shower.

Super Bowl Winner Gatorade Color
57 Chiefs Purple
56 Rams Blue
55 Buccaneers Blue
54 Chiefs Orange
53 Patriots Blue
52 Eagles Yellow
51 Patriots None
50 Broncos Orange
49 Patriots Blue
48 Seahawks Orange
47 Ravens None
46 Giants Purple
45 Packers Orange
44 Saints Orange
43 Steelers Yellow
42 Giants Clear
41 Colts Clear
40 Steelers Clear
39 Patriots Clear
38 Patriots None
37 Buccaneers Purple
36 Patriots None
35 Ravens Yellow
30 Cowboys Clear
29 49ers Clear
28 Cowboys Clear
25 Giants Clear
21 Giants Orange

For those intrigued by prop betting, the only noticeable pattern in the last decade indicates that the Patriots opted for blue Gatorade in two of their last three Super Bowl wins, with no Gatorade shower occurring the third time.

However, the issue with using this pattern for the 2024 Super Bowl comes from the fact that the Patriots did not make it to the playoffs.

Why Do Coaches Have Gatorade Dumped on Them?

The practice of drenching coaches in Gatorade can be traced back to the 1984 NFL season, initiated by Jim Burt of the New York Giants as he soaked his coach in the sports drink.

According to Burt, his actions were in response to his frustrations with coach Bill Parcells, whom he described during an appearance on Joan Rivers’ talk show as the “chubby guy” they targeted throughout the season, leading to this subtle form of protest in a regular season match.

Harry Carson, the Giants’ distinguished linebacker, mentioned that Parcells’ antagonism motivated Burt to execute the prank. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Carson relayed Burt’s grievance about Parcells being difficult, culminating in the decision to “get him,” highlighting the act was more about amusement than hostility.

This ritual was perpetuated by the Giants who, following an outstanding 1986 season, celebrated their Super Bowl XXI victory by covering Parcells in orange Gatorade after their 39-20 defeat of the Denver Broncos.

Betting on the Super Bowl Gatorade Color

For those looking to bet on the Gatorade color that will be splashed on the winning coach at Super Bowl 58’s end, it’s essential to review the betting guidelines of your local sportsbook, as not all states permit sports betting.

It’s often advised to consider offshore betting sites like BetOnline for these wagers, as they accept bets on Gatorade colors, offering a secure betting environment with potentially more favorable odds than those found at local sportsbooks.

Which Color will the Gatorade be?

The interval between the conference championship games and Super Bowl 58 spans two weeks.

In the lead-up to the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, expect to see a flurry of prop bets available.

Investigate all betting options thoroughly to determine if betting on the Super Bowl’s Gatorade color is available.

Additionally, consider exploring various other bets related to the Gatorade shower, including the number of buckets used, the timing of the shower (either before or after the final whistle), and identifying the players responsible for the act.

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

What color was the Gatorade in Super Bowl 2023?

The color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid, was purple.

Who dumped the first Gatorade?

The New York Giants doused winning coach Bill Parcells following their 39-20 victory over the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XXI in 1987.

Is Super Bowl Gatorade betting allowed at US sportsbooks?

Betting on the Gatorade color at the Super Bowl, specifically the color dumped on the winning coach, is allowed only in states regulated to accept the wager. Check your local sportsbooks’ rules and regulations.

Where is this year’s Super Bowl taking place?

The 58th Super Bowl is scheduled to be held Feb. 11, 2024, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, with an approximate kickoff time of 6:30 p.m. ET.

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