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Starring Ikea, J.Crew, Amazon, and EE: the biggest retail technology news stories of the week — Retail Technology Innovation Hub



6. REWE Group launches REWE Ready ‘smart shop’ at EV charging station, powered by tech

REWE Group has launched a REWE Ready ‘smart shop’ at the EnBW Hypernetz EV Charging Hub in Lichtenau/Chemnitz, Germany.

Customers can buy Rewe and Go sandwiches, wraps, salads, get a beer, buy cigarettes, and enjoy a cappuccino while they are charging their cars.

In a LinkedIn post, Mehmet Tözge, Director Smart Store Development at Lekkerland SE, said: “Lekkerland SE customer preferences have changed. End consumers want to shop 24/7, fast and with as few contacts as possible.”

The store includes smart fridges from

Shoppers scan their card, open the door, take their products, close the door and leave within 30 seconds.

Tözge said: “The combination of computer vision cameras with sensor fusion enables us to offer end consumers a unique, reliable and seamless way of shopping. The time to market and the ease of implementation: smart fridges are plug and play devices. Going live is a matter of seconds.”

He added: “New products are added within a couple of minutes. All temperature zones are possible. Shopping by Tap&Go or by mobile Application and much more.”

Ana Pinto, CEOat commented: “This is our first shop at an EV charging station powered by our AI smart cabinets, creating a fully autonomous shopping experience. The future is now.”

7. EE opens new Gateshead Experience store in Metrocentre with Newcastle United legend Shay Given 

EE has unveiled its latest Experience store alongside former Newcastle United player Shay Given in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, one of Europe’s largest indoor mall style shopping centres.

This is the fourth of EE’s Experience stores and the first of more than ten brand new EE Experience and Experience Local locations set to open in the UK over the next year.

It opens in the Metrocentre at 12pm today, with an exclusive appearance from Given. Throughout the day, exclusive-in store deals, offers and entertainment will be available for shoppers.   

The announcement comes as EE commits to investing £6 million in the British high street in the next 12 months.

Its belief in physical retail has seen the launch of new store formats including its flagship Studio store in London, Experience stores in Manchester, Cardiff and Kent, and most recently its Experience Local stores in Derby and Guildford.  

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