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Solo travel: Mistakes to avoid in solo trips



Travelling is one-of-a-kind therapy. It helps in enriching the mind, relaxing the body and giving us experiences that will last a lifetime. Watching the world go by while being an explorer is the best thing that you can do for yourself. While some dream of seeing the world holding their special one’s hands, solo travel is also an exciting way of exploring the world. Some people prefer to travel solo to enjoy their own company, meet new people, make new friends and learn the depths of their own mind. The silence of solo trips brings the comfort of being with oneself and in their own company. Solo traveling helps in knowing ourselves better and the type of things that we like.

However, when we travel solo, we also must remember that we are out there all by ourselves. Hence, we need to know how to dodge danger, ensure that we are safe at all times, and learn to take care of ourselves. In case you are preparing for your solo trip, here are a few mistakes that you must avoid making:

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Overpacking: Always remember to pack light as you would need to carry your luggage all by yourself without any external help. Solo trips also bring the excitement of making new plans, and hence, it is important to remember not to overpack.

Overscheduling: Running around to cover a lot of places will take the fun out of solo travel. Solo trips are meant to be soul-searching, taking a break and slowing down. Always know that something in life is meant to be missed, but what unfolds in front of us are for us to soak in.

Plan B: Always have a plan B. in case things don’t work out the way you have planned, know that you can still have a good time.

Travel costs: Never underestimate the travel cost of a solo trip. Always have some financial backup in mind while traveling solo.

Silence: Solo traveling involves a lot of silence and that is the beauty of it. Instead of going out of your way to fill the silence, it is important to learn to embrace it.

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