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Soldier left £12k in debt after a brain injury triggered gambling addiction



A soldier was left £12,000 in debt after a brain injury triggered a serious gambling addiction.

Fraser Howie, 25, was a passenger in a car which spun off the road and hit a tree after the driver swerved to avoid a pothole.

His four friends escaped unharmed but Fraser, who was asleep in the back, had no chance to brace and suffered massive injuries.

He was left with a broken neck, fractures to his spine, skull, eye-socket, nose, legs and arms and completely lost his sense of smell.

But it was the unseen damage to Fraser’s personality that proved life-changing as he developed an addictive personality disorder and behavioural issues, leaving him feeling isolated and alone.

Fraser, from Paisley, now wants access to online gambling tightened to protect vulnerable people from further harm.

Damage to Fraser’s personality that proved life-changing, and developed an addictive personality disorder(Image: Handout)

He said: “I was completely oblivious to my gambling addiction – I just thought I was playing online games but had no idea it was causing such huge problems.

“I couldn’t get bookies to waive the debts so that’s why they need to change how their platforms are accessed so brain injury survivors don’t suffer more than they already have.”

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