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Sir Billy Connolly fans are thrilled after he returns to Scotland  | Virgin Radio UK



Sir Billy Connolly fans are thrilled after he returns to Scotland  | Virgin Radio UK

Virgin Radio

27 Oct 2022, 10:09

Fans of Sir Billy Connolly are happy after a rare picture of him has been shared after a trip to Glasgow.

The star moved to the US 30 years ago but came back to Scotland last week.

Comedian Billy visited the Mediterraneo Ristorante and Champagne Bar, where staff grabbed a pic with him to commemorate the occasion.

They captioned it: “Serving a Glasgow Legend! Billy Connolly at #Mediterraneo.”

Fans were quick to reply with their happiness: “The Only man on the planet that has reduced me to tears of abject laughter multiple dozens of times over the years. Gotta love Billy.”

Credit: <strong>Mediterraneo Ristorante and Champagne Bar</strong>

Someone else agreed: “Can’t believe he is in Glasgow. Amazing. I love our Billy’ and ‘Billy returning to his roots and yes he still remembers the good and bad and ugly of it ……Great Glasgow comedian…hail ..hail.’

“Lot of Scottish icons but this man must be one of the best, he said it like it was and we could all relate to his humour.”

Sir Billy retired from live performances after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

He has previously talked about how it has prevented him from performing.

Sir Billy told The Sun: “Parkinson’s has taken a lot from me. I can’t play the banjo any more. It’s just a noise. I can’t yodel any more — I used to like yodelling. I can’t smoke cigars.

“As it goes along it’s taken more and more of what I like. And it’s kinda painful. I have to behave in a certain way so my children don’t think I’m a dead loss. I want them to think: “He does well with what he’s got.”’

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