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Shakib sparks controversy grabbing unwanted headlines



Shakib Al Hasan, a prominent figure in Bangladesh cricket, has found himself embroiled in controversy once again, reminiscent of a prior incident involving his association with BetWinner News, a subsidiary of the online gambling giant BetWinner.

The initial episode prompted widespread criticism and threats of sanctions from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), ultimately leading Shakib to terminate the ill-fated contract. However, it seems the lessons from this experience were short-lived.

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In a disconcerting repeat of history, Shakib courted fresh controversy last August by assuming the role of ambassador for BetWinner News, a move that blatantly violated BCB policies. These regulations explicitly forbid players from engaging in contracts with entities associated with vices such as smoking, drugs, and gambling.


Despite being under the central contract of the BCB, Shakib chose to disregard these rules. Under pressure from the BCB, he eventually canceled the contentious contract.


Shakib’s name has once again surfaced in connection with online gambling, this time through his participation in an advertisement for the BABU88 online casino and cricket exchange site. In the ad, Shakib boldly touts ‘Babu88’ as the premier sports platform in Bangladesh, offering updates on various sports, including cricket.


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However, a visit to the site reveals a stark contrast – cricket betting, casino games, and slot gambling are prominent features of the platform.


Adding another layer to the controversy, it has come to light that ‘Babu88’ is an official partner of the LPL team Dambulla Ora and the Global T20 League team Montreal Tigers. Notably, Shakib himself participated in several matches for Montreal Tigers in the previous edition of the Global T20 tournament.


In response to his earlier association with BetWinner, BCB chief Nazmul Hasan Papon had suggested that Shakib might not have been aware of the prohibition in the BCB law.


However, this time around, it appears Shakib may have knowingly repeated the same mistake, despite all forms of gambling being long prohibited by the country’s laws.


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The looming question is whether Shakib will face repercussions for his actions, especially considering the repeated disregard for both the BCB’s regulations and the broader legal framework of the country.


The situation underscores the need for a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding Shakib’s involvement with gambling-related entities and the potential consequences for his standing within the Bangladesh cricket community.

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