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Scottish family’s TUI ‘holiday hell’ after being told £8k booking ‘doesn’t exist’



A Scottish family’s ‘trip of a lifetime’ ended in a ‘horrific ordeal’ after jetting off to Mexico to be told their hotel had “no booking.”

Gerard and Natalie Brodrick spent 18 months saving for their £8,000 trip to Moon Palace in Cancun and jetted off from Glasgow on June 5. However, upon arrival, they were informed by staff that their booking did not exist.

The family told the Record they were left heartbroken after being moved to a nearby hotel that cost half the price of their original booking, with TUI apologising and adding that they are working hard to resolve the situation.

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The couple were hoping to chill out and relax for two weeks with their 11-year-old son Lennon as Gerard said he thought one of his friends had phoned the hotel and told them to pretend his booking didn’t exist as a joke.

He told the Record: “When we arrived and were told there was no booking for us, I thought my pals had paid Jeremy Beadle to wind me up and that he’d appear with a video camera – that is how bad this was.”

He continued: “The staff were extremely rude and appeared to smirk at us and our situation. They told us TUI had failed to pay for our booking and that if we wanted to stay, we’d have to pay in full – again. I couldn’t believe it, we saved up 18 months for this. If we wanted to stay for the night, they were going to charge us 600 dollars.”

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