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Scottish court hands down multi-million pound fine to Network Rail



The Carmont derailment on 12 August 2020, just south of Stonehaven, in the north east of Scotland. Rail Accident Investigation Branch press notice

Network Rail, the government agency responsible for the maintenance and development of the railway infrastructure in the UK, has been fined 6.7 million pounds (7.78 million euro) following the Stonehaven crash verdict. Three people were killed when a ScotRail passenger train hit a landslide at Carmont, just south of Stonehaven, and derailed into a river gorge. Faulty Network Rail Instalation was blamed on the crash, for which the agency pleaded guilty to all related charges. The court case, heard in Aberdeen on Thursday and Friday of this week (7-8 September), was brought after the matter was reported to the Procurator Fiscal, the office of prosecution under Scottish law.

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