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Scotland’s best beaches named and the ones near Glasgow you need to visit



This year’s Keep Scotland Beautiful awards have been announced and there are some top beaches not too far from Glasgow that made the list.

The environmental charity created the awards to celebrate the well-managed beaches across Scotland allowing visitors and locals alike to select destinations they know will be nothing short of a fantastic day out.

These well-kept beaches have been selected as the best from around the country for not just people visiting but also the environment – and some are located just an hour away from our fair city.

Just over 50 beaches have received the award this year offering a top list of places to go for a memorable afternoon away.

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Seven beaches including Ayr South, Prestwick, Girvan, Maidens, Troon (South Beach), Irvine and Barassie Shore have been highlighted, all of which are around an hour’s drive from the city.

Troon beach is hugely popular even on the days when the sun isn’t splitting the trees(Image: Sean M)

The beaches themselves have a lot to offer with Barassie being known for its long, wide and mostly flat, sandy beach – perfect to soak up the sun on a week when the weather is glorious.

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