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Royal Family faces a major blow as they lose right to famous Scotland property



King Charles and Prince William are currently facing the end of an era as the Royal Family Loses Abergeldie Estate Privileges After 170 Years. Here’s what’s happening!

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Royal Family faces a major blow as they lose right to famous Scotland property

For over 170 years, the Royal Family has enjoyed exclusive privileges on the illustrious Abergeldie estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This land has been steeped in history since it was acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1851. However, in a surprising twist, they have now been stripped of their long-standing rights, here’s why that happened.

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Royal Family’s sporting rights on the Abergeldie estate in Aberdeenshire revoked

The Abergeldie estate, a sprawling 11,500-acre expanse, has remained a beloved retreat for generations of royals, who relished their right to ‘shoot, stalk, and fish’ on its pristine grounds. This privilege, a relic of an age-old agreement, has been abruptly rescinded by Aberdeenshire Council, leaving King Charles and his kin without their cherished recreational sanctuary.

The turning point came when the estate was put up for sale three years ago and subsequently acquired by Alastair Storey, the new owner. Mr Storey terminated the royal lease, signalling a change in the estate’s destiny.

It has been reported that this significant decision was formally documented in papers submitted to the local authority.

Documents sent to Aberdeenshire Council read:

For the last 175 years, the Royal Family have leased the sporting rights at Abergeldie but this has now ceased, and will be actively run by the new laird. To facilitate the transformation and to effectively run the estate, new facilities will be required.

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What’s new for the Abergeldie estate after the Royal disconnection?

The Abergeldie estate is poised for a transformation – shifting its focus from royal leisure to commercial ventures. Documents submitted to Aberdeenshire Council this summer have outlined plans for new accommodations aimed at hosting paying visitors who will support various sporting activities on the estate, confirmed Mirror.

This comes after, King Charles has also begun opening Balmoral, the neighbouring royal estate, to the public for extended periods.

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