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Ronnie Corbett’s widow Anne Hart dies aged 90 at family home in Scotland



Former West End musical star Anne Hart, the widow of comedian Ronnie Corbett, has died at the age of 90, her family has announced.

Anne, who was married to Corbett for 50 years, died “peacefully, surrounded by her family” in the early hours of Sunday November 5 at the family home in Scotland.

Her younger daughter, actress Sophie Corbett, said: “We lost my darling Mum at one o’clock in the morning. She was an amazing woman, and my sister Emma and I, and all four of her grandchildren, Tom, Tilly, Dylan and Billy, will love and miss her for ever.

“We will be bringing her home to Abingdon, near Croydon, which is where the family lived when my Dad was alive.”

Actress and singer Anne was recently treated for a hip fracture in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh following a fall at the family estate Muirfield Wood in East Lothian.

Ronnie Corbett died in 2016.(Image: Getty)

Born on April 26 1933 at St Thomas’ hospital in Lambeth, Anne was the third of six children. Anne made her West End debut as a child in the Christmas show Where The Rainbow Ends, and also performed in child roles in operas at Covent Garden.

She found fame on stage in her 20s as the leading lady in Clown Jewels and Young In Heart with comedy troupe The Crazy Gang.

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