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Rangers first football club in Scotland to give players gambling education class



Rangers FC footballers have taken part in a groundbreaking new initiative, aimed at helping players avoid the dangers of gambling.

Goalie Jack Butland and members of the squad helped kick off the club’s new education programme, which highlighted the seriousness of gambling addictions. The club said it’s the first in Scotland to run the education sessions.

Ex Premier League and international footballer Simon Haworth delivered the first talk for top-level sportspeople on Friday 10 May.

Simon turned to betting on horse racing after his career was curtailed due to injury during his time at his final club Tranmere Rovers.

The men’s first team, women’s team and selected academy squads took part in separate sessions.

Rangers said players were encouraged to share their own experiences in an “open, trusting environment”.

Rangers goalkeeper Jack Butland took part with his first-team colleagues. He said: “Any addiction can dramatically affect your life, your family’s life, and ultimately your career as well. That’s why it is so important that the club is taking this seriously and offering this support, and why it’s great to work with EPIC and Kindred on this.”

“Gambling, football and sport have gone hand in hand for a long period of time. It’s important for players to know if there’s people to speak to if they do need to have that release. Simon is someone who has been through the highs and extreme lows of addiction, it’s humbling to hear those stories.”

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