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Pioneering filmmaking technology to be made ‘accessible’ in Scotland for first time



Studio directors Fynn Elkington and Martin MacLeod, who first met at City of Glasgow College, hope to make film production more accessible to independent filmmakers by “democratising” technology which is typically very expensive.

Films which have already used the VPS technology include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Batman, Thor: Love and Thunder, Top Gun: Maverick and The Fabelmans.

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A VPS utilises technology such as LED screens, motion capture and real-time graphics rendering to create customisable environments.

The virtual environment moves at the same time as a camera, making it indistinguishable from the “real world”.

It can be used as an alternative to green screens.

FoSho STUDIOS, based in Glasgow City Centre, will offer a scaled-down version of a VPS – allowing smaller-scale production for independent filmmakers and creatives.

Their aim is to “leverage the advancement in technology to create a more affordable option that is just as immersive”.

It will be the first studio of its kind in Scotland, although not the first virtual production studio, as Nightsky Studios – based in Coatbridge – already runs a full-scale studio.

Managing director Fynn Elkington told The National that full-scale studios like these are not accessible to smaller productions, and often consume more energy than is necessary, asking: “Why use more energy than you need to?”

Those who back VPS technology say it is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than on-location filming, which often requires expensive equipment and uses a large carbon footprint.

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The studio says its ambition is to “provide a production space in the heart of Glasgow so we can create in any location – from one location”.

Elkington said: “This is a huge step in us being able to make high-end content more affordable and sustainable.”

He told The National that Glasgow city centre was the perfect location as it boasts good connections to the rest of Scotland.

He continued: “There’s a lot of technical and creative skillset in Glasgow. It’s a great place to create.”

FoSho STUDIOS will open its virtual production studio in central Glasgow from early 2024.

Elkington said: “Glasgow is one of the most creative and connected cities in the world, and when artists, marketers and filmmakers want to create using cutting-edge technology like virtual environments, they should be able to do it without breaking the bank.

“FoSho has always been committed to making content creation easier and more accessible and this is a huge step in us being able to make high-end content more affordable and sustainable.”

“The amazing thing about a VPS is that it essentially lets you film in any location, from one location.

“Imagine the creative possibilities for consumer products, marketing agencies and big brands. Want to film your drinks brand on a Tahitian beach? No problem. Want to create a crowd scene but don’t have the money to pay for hundreds of extras? Easy. Want to create a never-before-seen planet for you to walk about on? We can do that. 

“Coupled with our adaptation to AI content manipulation, there are possibilities for brands and creators of all shapes and sizes – and it will all be possible here in the heart of Glasgow.” 

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