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Pasco County Sheriff’s Office investigates dry cleaning company for not returning customer’s clothing



LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. — In Pasco County, dozens of people said a local dry cleaners company is holding onto their clothes.

The company, called $1.99 Cleaners in Land O’ Lakes, is now under investigation.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said the business shut down unexpectedly with the customers’ clothes still inside.

Signs cover the front of $1.99 Cleaners, saying everything the business is not responsible for: zippers, buckles, buttons, and more. But customers now say there should be another sign, saying “not responsible for clothing.”

“We really want the clothes, but we want an explanation as well,” said customer Patricia Culver.

“Customers are our business” is printed on the company’s sign. It’s a phrase that led several customers, including Patricia Culver to do business there.

“It’s just not fair, it’s not fair to the community, you’re taking advantage of them,” said Culver.

But there are also other words now posted on the front of the shop: notes demanding answers.


Customer signs on the doors of the $1.99 cleaners store in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

Customers said it’s been months since they dropped off their clothing, and since then shop closed down without warning.

“We had a scheduled date for pickup….Which was a week before a seminar we were doing, and they said it wasn’t ready, can we get it to you two days before the seminar, and of course that didn’t happen. So my wife drove up here and that’s when there were a couple police cruisers and the doors were shuttered,” said Lee Edwards, another customer.

Customers said they’ve tried to get in contact with the owner for weeks, not only calling but even driving up to the store. They said they just want their clothes back, not even a refund.

ABC Action News also tried to contact the company with no response.

“People have had clothes in here for months and we want answers,” said Culver.

According to Florida Sunbiz records, the owner, Jason Hernandez filed to dissolve his business in Land O’ Lakes back in September. Since then, Culver dropped her husband’s work suit off.

“Now I don’t have my husband’s suit, now I don’t have anything. You know, his shirts or anything like that, so it’s disappointing,” said Culver.

Lee Edwards dropped off his $300 corporate tablecloth.

“We don’t know what happened or where they went…but like I said, I would really love to have my corporate table topper back,” said Edwards.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and leaders with the Better Business Bureau said there are some things customers can do in the meantime.

“As far as receiving your shirts back, this is where you just want to document that they are there, make sure you have copies of your receipts, gather everything together and file complaints, contact your local law enforcement,” said Bryan Oglesby with the Better Business Bureau.

Culver said dozens of other customers have contacted her about the issue

“I’ve heard a lot of women say that they have dropped off holiday gowns here, they’ve dropped off things like maybe for their daughters recitals or things like that that they’ve dropped off here and it’s unfortunate because they are probably not going to get it back,” said Culver.

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