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This is about energy and our governor, who hasn’t done what he promised he’d do during his campaign for governor. He was our previous attorney general, who many of we Pennsylvanians thought ran a good campaign. I was duped like many of us. I couldn’t believe he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, mainly because he said he would work to undo the horrendous energy policies of Gov. Tom Wolf.

Wolf was openly hostile to Pennsylvania’s gas and coal producers, whom you know power our electricity-producing power plants. Instead of supporting gas and coal producers, our new governor has turned his back on them, causing our residential rates to go up 75% in the last 48 months. Josh Shapiro, who we voted in as governor for good leadership has now sided with RGGI — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. How bad is that? He is now funding RGGI in his first state budget with $66.3 million in funds. This kills jobs in our state and puts a tax on our residential rates of a 30% increase in our electricity bills.

These soaring energy costs are crushing Pennsylvania’s families and small businesses. Our future doesn’t look good when Gov. Shapiro is siding with green left activists. One does not have to obfuscate this discussion or data to know that it is aligned with our sitting presidents energy decisions and how they have failed us internationally and internally.

By changing his policy on energy, he could boost our state’s economy, boost jobs dramatically, affect our national economy with a multiplier effect by exploiting the gas and coal industries. Leadership in the field of energy would lift Shapiro to be a great governor overnight. It would increase family income, make some wealthy and give hope in the future for businesses everywhere.


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