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Olivia Frazer ‘feels like a fool’ moving to Scotland for cheating boyfriend



MAFS Australia reality star Olivia Frazer ‘feels like a fool’ after moving from Down Under to Scotland for a man who had a girlfriend.

The , 29, met her Scottish boyfriend in December last year and took the plunge to move to Fort William to be with him, before finding out he had a girlfriend the whole time. Olivia admits she feels ‘foolish’ and ‘scammed’ following the betrayal from the person she moved across the world to be with.

Olivia and two of her friends travelled to the UK in June for a quick tour around the country, before heading up to Scotland where her friends would leave her to start her new life. However, Olivia says that as soon as she introduced her pals to her boyfriend they were “suspicious” as things “didn’t add up”.

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Olivia said she travelled to Fort William to be with a guy she met last December.

“I wasn’t going to share this publicly, but I think it’s important to remind other girls not to ignore red flags from the start because you so desperately want it to work with someone. I feel like I’ve been completely scammed and made a fool out of,” she said.

Olivia admitted that the relationship was “all lies” as she later found out that the man had a secret girlfriend(Image: Instagram)

Olivia continued: “We spoke almost every day since we met at the start of the year and he told me he wanted me to meet his son once I got back to Scotland, told me he wanted to give things a real go between us and made me feel so wanted after everything I’d been through after MAFS – but it was all lies.”

Olivia’s relationship with her mystery boyfriend started to fizzle out which left her feeling “stranded” in the Highlands away from her family and friends back in Australia. She’s now heading back home and, retelling the moment she found out her boyfriend was a cheater, she said: “I had no idea what to do, or what I’d done wrong and a lady in a pub then approached me and asked if I was still seeing him.

“I told her ‘ah that’s a bit complicated’ and she said: ‘Don’t. He has a girlfriend. Has had a girlfriend the whole time. You can you can do better Pet’.

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