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Nicola Sturgeon net worth unveiled as she resigns



Nicola Sturgeon net worth unveiled as she resigns

Nicola Sturgeon has been the leader of the and the Scottish First Minister for over eight years but she has now resigned from her position. During a press conference from Bute House, where she announced her resignation, Sturgeon said: “Today I am announcing my intention to step down as First Minister and leader of my party. I will remain in office until my successor is elected” and added: “My decision comes from a place of duty and love.” What is Nicola Sturgeon net worth?

Nicola Sturgeon has an estimated fortune of £1.2million, according to celebrity and net worth site Ghgossip.

As the First Minister of Scotland, her annual salary was set at £163,229 but she reportedly has other investments, property and assets that contributed to her fortune.

In 2015, her annual salary was set at £144,687, more than what former Prime Minister Boris Johnson received at the time.

Boris Johnson had a pay of £143,911, but Nicola Sturgeon only accepted £135,605 as part of a voluntary pay freeze.

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Sturgeon and her husband live in an impressive 18th-century home located on the north side of Charlotte Square, in Edinburgh.

The four-storey Georgian mansion Bute House has a working space on the lower floors and a private five-bedroom flat on the upper floors.

Nicola Sturgeon married Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive Officer of the SNP, in 2010 but the couple has been together since 2003.

The couple do not have any children and she recently spoke about her experience saying: “If you are a woman, particularly in a senior position without children, there is an assumption made that you’re a cold-hearted b**** that has decided to prioritise your career over having children.

“Men don’t get that. The perfect illustration is [Alex] Salmond – I can’t recall a single interview that he did in his entire time as First Minister or SNP leader about why he didn’t have children,” she said during an interview with The Guardian.

Reacting to the news of her resignation, SNP MP for Glasgow Central Alison Thewliss said that she was “absolutely gutted”.

On Twitter, Thewliss who is also the party’s home affairs spokesperson, described Ms Sturgeon as an “incredible leader”.

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