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New study shows Glasgow is Scotland’s third fittest city



A new study has revealed Glasgow is the third fittest city in Scotland, though ranks 52nd across the UK.

Paul Jenkins, founder of DNA Lean, worked with his team to rank British cities in order of fitness – using factors such as the percentage of active adults, how often locals are walking or cycling, and the number of gyms and leisure centres in the area.

The study comes after an Active Lives Survey showed a 1.9% decline in activity amongst adults in 2021, thought to be exacerbated by the pandemic.

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The study ranked Perth as the most fit city in Scotland, with Stirling coming in second – just after Glasgow.

Looking at the whole of the UK, Perth ranked 16th while Glasgow was further down at 52. Inverness came in just below Glasgow.

Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh came 56th, 57th and 58th respectively.

We spoke to Paul, who gave us an insight into the study and some of the causes behind different cities’ placings.

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