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New Atlanta-based luxury fashion brand focuses on mental health



ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – A new Atlanta-based luxury fashion brand called Brain Love wants you to love yourself.

To do that, founder and CEO Archie Clay III says we need to destigmatize mental health.

“How do you become better? Our initial idea was, OK, as a child, you have to grow your mind, you have to feed your mind, you have to feed who you are. And that’s essentially what Brain Love is – it’s feeding who you are,” said Clay. “It’s feeding your mind. It’s feeding your faith. And trying to get to the ultimate version of yourself at the end of the day.”

Clay is no stranger to mental health struggles.

His dad had a breakdown when he was 3 years old. And recently, his first fashion company called Wearbrims ended in a severed relationship with a close friend and co-founder, forcing him to start over.

Today, Clay’s pouring his creativity and emotions into a new unisex fashion brand that doesn’t shy away from mental health, but embraces it.

Clay says the brand’s first 300-piece collection called “Love You” sold out in just two weeks.

Brain Love’s designs, he says, provide motivation and inspiration for anyone going through tough times.

“We can all evolve to be better. Even when we think that we’re good, no, we have more we can do,” he said.

Ten percent of Brain Love’s annual sales go to a mental health and wellness nonprofit called Silence the Shame.

It’s all part of Clay’s mission to change the world.

“I think a lot of times, the brands that are truly impacting the world are the brands that are around for a long time. And we want to be around for a long time,” said Clay.

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