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NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Could Move On From Jordan Poole



Months after Jordan Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards, reports say he could be on the move once again. According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Wizards don’t view the electric scorer as “franchise cornerstone material,” meaning Poole could be on his third team in two seasons if things don’t turn around.

NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Could Move On From Jordan Poole


Poole’s 2023-24 campaign is off to a rough start. Aside from a 27-point outburst in the Wizards’ home opener and a 23-point performance against the Sixers, the 24-year-old has had an inefficient season. In 12 games,  he’s averaging 15.5 points on 39% shooting from the field and 28% from three. It’s a far cry from his time with the Warriors, which ended with a career-best 20.4 PPG on 43% shooting from the field last season. With the Wizards in the early stages of a rebuild, it appears Poole isn’t the top option they thought he would be.

Another area of concern for Poole is his contract. He signed a four-year, $140 million extension last October, and is making $27.4 million this season. His deal is the largest and longest one for Washington, and he’ll eventually earn $34 million in 2026-27.

Still, the Wizards are trying to keep Poole’s mentality positive during his struggles. Teammate Tyus Jones came to his defense after the Wizards’ recent loss to the Grizzlies.

Potential Destination for Jordan Poole: Miami Heat

With Poole potentially back on the trading block, there are several teams who could be a good fit. One of them is the Miami Heat, currently without their own standout shooting guard.

NBA insider Ben Stinar proposed a deal involving the Heat, citing the opportunity to swap Poole for Tyler Herro, who is out with a sprained ankle. The Heat have struggled in scoring but have remained on a hot streak without the Kentucky product. They’re currently 4-1 in their last five games and made the 2022 Finals without him.

Stinar justified the trade by noting how Poole could come off the bench for Miami, which is notable given Duncan Robinson’s recent impressive stretch in Herro’s absence. Additionally, Herro—who is averaging nearly 23 PPG while shooting 41% from deep—would be an upgrade over Poole for the Wizards. Both teams could reasonably benefit from the deal, with Miami’s bench receiving a standout scorer while the Wizards secure their no. 2 option.

Another motivator for Miami to consider trading for Poole is that Kyle Lowry isn’t getting any younger. The 37-year-old guard is averaging nearly seven points and five assists per game. The Heat also have a bottom-third offense in the league (110.9, 20th in the NBA). Poole has a wealth of experience as a facilitator, averaging 4.5 assists last year and 3.4 APG for his career.

Either way, it’s conceivable that the Wizards call the Heat if Poole is on the table, aiming to upgrade their talent and build a solid foundation for their future.

The Last Word

While it’s still early in the season, it’s clear the Wizards have an issue with consistency and efficiency from Poole. Poole thought the Wizards would be his team, but actions always speak louder than words.

There’s always a chance that Head Coach Wes Unseld Jr. convinces Poole to come off the bench. As of now, however, that’s highly unlikely. As a result, both sides may be better off parting ways as the trade deadline nears. Whether that’s to a contender like Miami or another rebuilding franchise, Poole will find a way to get back into his groove—just not in the nation’s capital.

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