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Mounted police deployed to shopping centre to deter anti-social behaviour



Greater Glasgow Police Division said that “proactive deployments” will remain in place at the shopping centre “to provide reassurance to the community”. 

It comes after a 13-year-old boy was arrested at the centre after allegedly trying to gain entry with a baseball bat. 

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Back in April, First Bus threatened to pull a range of evening services operating in the Silverburn area due to a rise in arson attacks on its buses.

The bus operator said the attacks were putting its staff and bus passengers at risk.

Meanwhile, gangs of youths were slammed back in March for terrorising staff at a McDonald’s at the centre with vile racist taunts and physical attacks.

Teenagers have vandalised the restaurant, hurled racist and physical abuse at staff, and intimidated customers prompting calls for parents to step in and “sort out” their children.

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