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Motorbike riders pelted with stones while travelling NC500 route in Highlands



The man, who has yet to be traced by police, hit one of the riders in the head near Durness in the far north Highlands.

The biker was wearing a helmet.

The incident happened as the pair of motorbike riders drove past the Golden Eagle Zipline car parking area at Ceannabeinne beach at around 9pm in the evening.

Police in the Highlands are appealing for witnesses to find the man.

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The beach is known as a popular tourist stop on the NC500 route and is famed for its golden sands.

A Police Scotland statement read: “We are appealing for witnesses following a report of a reckless incident at Ceannabeinne, Durness.

“Between 9pm and 10pm on Tuesday May 28 2024 an unidentified male threw several stones at two members of the public as they rode motorbikes past the Golden Eagle Zipline car parking area at Ceannabeinne, striking the helmet of one of the riders.

“If you witnessed the incident or have any information, we would strongly encourage you to contact police at Rhiconich via 101 quoting incident 1346 of 30/05/2024.”

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