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M&D’s reveals what will be open from tomorrow at the park



Scotland’s Theme Park is moving towards partial reopening from Wednesday, July 15.

In line with government guidance, the first phase of its planned reopening includes the Alona Hotel, the Glasshouse restaurant at the Alona, the Family Restaurant, Inside Out Sports Bar and Amazonia.

It also includes the indoor entertainment complex with the carousel and Game Zone Arcade (excluding Cosmic Bowl and Krazy Congo soft play).

All will reopen with social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures in place.

Giuseppe’s café and Devil’s Island adventure golf will continue to operate as the destination begins to reopen its doors.

Jensen Connelly, from Scotland’s Theme Park, said: “Now that restrictions are starting to ease for local businesses and Strathclyde Country Park can once again be accessed by cars and the general public, we are pleased to be working through our reopening plan and getting elements of our business back up and running.

“Customers will once again be able to enjoy Amazonia, Devil’s Island adventure golf, the Alona Hotel and elements of our indoor area including our restaurants from later this week. Outdoor rides will remain closed at this time, and we look forward to reopening these in due course.

“We hope that this will allow families from Lanarkshire the chance to enjoy the entertainment elements we have to offer as restrictions begin to lift.

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