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Making a difference is the real reward as Kilwinning gym is named Scotland’s best



The Kilwinning-based gym was highlighted as Scotland’s best at the recent 2022 Scottish Business Awards at the Doubletree Hilton in Glasgow.

The team found themselves at the awards after their regional success, when they were named the best gym in Ayrshire back in September.

Mission:FIT were competing against the best the rest of Scotland had to offer, and came up trumps despite holding little expectation.

One of the gym’s owners, Roy Blakely, said: “We didn’t expect any of it to be honest. The best gym in Ayrshire one blew us away and to be honest we went as a team to the grand finals to celebrate the previous win and never expected to win – especially against the big cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen etc.

“When they called out Mission:FIT as the winner we all were just bursting with pride.

“Not in ego but in pure joy for each other and the specialness of our team, our Mission:FIT community and our wee toon.”

The award win also came on what was a particularly sad day anniversary for Roy and his family.

He commented: “The night we won the award was the eight year anniversary of the death of my wee brother Gareth Blakely, so I dedicated the award to him on the night as I know he was there with us.”

So, what exactly set a gym based in Alexandra Terrace in Kilwinning apart from the rest of Scotland?

The joint honour commented: “Being ‘the best’ takes action not plaques so nothing changes for us in terms of passion and love for what we do.

“We keep our standards high, the door to our safe space open to everyone, help build each other up as always and ensure everyone leaves feeling better about their day.”

And while the award win brought great delight to all involved with Mission:FIT, Roy was keen to get across that validation is not what it is all about.

Irvine Times: Absolutely everyone at Mission:FIT was delighted by the success.Absolutely everyone at Mission:FIT was delighted by the success. (Image: Mission:FIT)

He said: “Although it’s phenomenal and we are absolutely delighted that isn’t what’s important if we don’t continue to deliver the goods.

“What’s more important to us is how we can make a difference to people’s lives. Especially those who face barriers when it comes to being healthier… regardless of age, size, background or ability.

“Mission:FIT started as a catalyst for me to pass on the knowledge I gained from my many years of training, moving, failing and learning.”

Roy went on to explain his own journey, and how he found fitness.

He added: “It was an opportunity for me to help implement positive behaviours in those who struggle with routine, body image, poor mental health and lack of confidence… Something health and fitness helps me battle with every day.

“Our approach is real, relatable and honest information on how to build habits and structure that is subjective to each person in the hope that they can enhance the quality of their lives.

“No crazy exercise protocols, no unrealistic expectations and no overwhelming routines that create unhealthy relationships with health. Mission:FIT Gym opened to allow us to continue that mission and build on those values but gave us a hub to help bring in more people from all walks of life under the same roof.

“To get some recognition for doing something we love is just incredible and just increases the passion and love we have for our job.

“Mission:FIT was my dream, it’s evolved into an amazing team with Nicki and Sean and the driving force is all of our members and clients.”

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