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Longest resident at Scottish cat centre finally gets new home



The former Glasgow Adoption Centre had cared for Izzy for over six months and she required specialist treatment.

Now in full health, the successful rehoming represents the dedication of hardworking staff and volunteers.

Helyn Nichol, deputy centre manager, said: “When Izzy came into our care in November she was in a sorry state.

“It was heartbreaking to see that she had been plucking out her own hair due to the stress of living with other cats.

“She also had ringworm so needed to be cared for in our isolation unit, and we fed her a special hypoallergenic diet which made a massive improvement to her skin.

“Thanks to our dedicated teams, her coat and skin are now in amazing condition and she is no longer suffering.

“We’re delighted to report that after almost 200 days, she has now packed her bags and is settling very well into her forever home. Her new owners said she has been really sociable and very vocal!

“Giving cats like Izzy the love, attention, and care they desperately need brings us so much joy, but realistically this can be a costly process. We provide all our cats with food, bedding, litter trays, and enrichment, and this is before any veterinary costs.

“If you’re looking to add a feline friend to your family, please consider adopting one of the wonderful cats at our centre. We have many cats waiting for their forever homes, each with their own unique stories and personalities.

“In addition to adopting, there are many ways you can support our work. This weekend sees the return of the Big Help Out, and whether it’s through volunteering, donations, or raising awareness of our work, every bit of help makes a difference to the cats in our care.

“Please consider supporting our centre so we can help more cats like Izzy, this Big Help Out and beyond.”

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