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KMP Expressway: Tragic Accidents and Infrastructure Flaws Result in Rising Fatalities, Know More – News18



Last Updated: December 11, 2023, 12:28 IST

KMP Expressway: Tragic Accidents and Infrastructure Flaws Result in Rising Fatalities. (Representational Image)

Rising fatalities on KMP expressway expose critical safety lapses—stolen barriers, illegal eateries, and lack of rest areas contribute to the deadly stretch.

In a tragic incident, two bikers lost their lives in a multi-vehicle pile-up near the KMP toll plaza.

This unfortunate event sheds light on the alarming frequency of fatal accidents on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) expressway, attributed to a myriad of issues plaguing the road infrastructure.

The absence of designated rest areas, rampant theft of crash barriers, and the unchecked parking of trucks along the roadside are identified as key contributors to the escalating danger on the expressway. Haryana State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) officials disclosed that the traffic on KMP has nearly doubled in the past year, surpassing a daily count of over a lakh vehicles.

“Despite a speed limit of 120 kmph, reckless speeding, especially by heavy commercial and high-speed private vehicles, drastically reduces survival chances in accidents,” cited an HSIIDC official.

According to HSIIDC estimates, a startling 8-10 fatal crashes occur each month on the 135km expressway. The majority of traffic comprises long-haul truckers and commuters covering substantial distances, exacerbated by the lack of rest areas and amenities.

Local authorities report the emergence of illegal eateries and dhabas along the expressway, leading to unsafe practices such as truckers stopping on the roadside. Karan Singh, SHO (KMP traffic), stressed the urgent need for safety measures, including rumble strips, streetlights, speed-detection cameras, and reflectors.

“Speed cameras, along with other safety measures, are imperative. Overgrown bushes obstruct road signs, contributing to the hazards,” remarked Singh. Despite opening to traffic in November 2018, promised amenities like resting spots remain elusive even after five years.

HSIIDC officials attributed the delay to unforeseen challenges, including the alignment of the under-construction Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor project. The plan for rest areas in Nuh faced setbacks due to the project, and an official assured that a notification for a rest area in Jhajjar would be issued shortly.

Addressing ongoing issues in the Nuh stretch, the official acknowledged the theft of crash barriers and cat-eyes by locals, illegal parking by truck drivers, and the prohibition of bikes on the expressway.

Recent incidents, including the October 7 crash near Khor village, Gurgaon, underscore the urgent need for comprehensive safety measures on the KMP expressway, where around 25km passes through Gurgaon from Manesar to Farrukhnagar.

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