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Kilted Coaches create ‘Highland Swing’ workout in outdoor exercise series



Kilted Coaches create ‘Highland Swing’ workout in outdoor exercise series

Two personal trainers urged Scots to use the great outdoors for their gym as they shared a fitness video at a stunning beauty spot. The Kilted Coaches, Stephen Clarke, 41, and Rab Shields, 40, released a series of clips of different outdoor exercises.

The pair, who previously promoted their ‘Ultimate Scottish Workout‘, introduced the ‘Highland Swing’ at the stunning Hermitage woodland waterfall in Perthshire.

Stephen and Rab donned their tartan kilts and boots – and little else – to show off their kettlebell workout at the edge of the water. The exercise is designed to get the heart pumping and burn fat, all while enjoying the Scottish scenery.

The personal trainers came together to launch a fresh approach to fitness back in 2015, coming together to inspire others to get active outside, using nature as their fitness studio.

The Perth duo’s Highland Swing not only highlights the picturesque backdrop at The Hermitage, but also guides viewers through a series of moves including single arm rows, jump squats, and essential kettlebell swings.

The Kilted Coaches do the ‘Highland Swing’ workout at The Hermitage(Image: Kilted Coaches)

As part of an ongoing series aimed at demonstrating effective workouts with minimal gear in beautiful settings, Stephen explained the concept behind the workout.

He said: “Most people have heard of the Highland Fling so we thought we’d introduce our favourite piece of exercise kit, the Kettlebell, and create the ‘Highland Swing’. Plus we always like to say – Who needs a gym when you have Scotland! “.

The Kilted Coaches have released a series of outdoor exercise videos(Image: Kilted Coaches)

Rab added: “Controlled movements from conventional weight training is great but only covers one aspect of fitness. The ‘swing’ can be done with kettlebells but can also be done with rocks and logs.

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