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Jio cloud laptop in the works, could cost Rs 15,000



Jio recently disrupted the laptop market with the launch of an affordable and 4G-capable JioBook 11. A new report from ET suggests that the company is currently working on another budget laptop, and this time, it is said to be a “cloud” laptop.

The report calls the upcoming Jio laptop based on cloud platform a “dumb terminal,” which means, there isn’t much the laptop can do on its own. Instead, it needs an active internet connection, possibly with a low latency to harness the potential of cloud computing. In this case, Jio Cloud will be the service provider, which offers both storage and processing power. The company is running a trial version of the same on an HP Chromebook.

It is also said that, for those, who do not want to spend on hardware, Jio might also offer Jio Cloud as a service, which can be accessed from most devices such as tablets and even smart TVs. The service will come with a monthly subscription model, which will soon be finalised.

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Unlike the company’s first laptop — JioBook 11, which currently sells on Amazon for Rs 14,499 that runs on JioOS. For the upcoming Jio Cloud laptop, the company is expected to offer several options, including Windows, the most popular computer operating system in the world.

Advantages of a cloud laptop

A laptop with cloud computing can greatly reduce the upfront cost, which is said to be around Rs 50,000 in India. On top of that, users can also dynamically pick and choose the performance as per the requirement, that too without upgrading the hardware. This makes the cloud computing platform highly scalable when compared to a typical PC.

Festive offer

However, all this does require high-speed low latency internet access. It is also interesting to see if Jio will include data plans with the Jio Cloud computer subscription.

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