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IShowSpeed mobbed by fans during IRL stream in Scotland – Dexerto



A massive crowd of IShowSpeed’s fans chased the famous streamer and even jumped on his car during a tense IRL stream in Scotland.

IShowSpeed is one of the net’s most popular broadcasters, boasting 27 million combined followers across his three YouTube channels.

Speed’s popularity has only increased after he received a permanent ban from Twitch in late 2021. He moved to YouTube shortly thereafter, where he now streams regularly to the tune of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Earlier this year, Speed also signed a deal with streaming platform Rumble, where he and fellow streamer Kai Cenat now have their very own show called the ‘Kai ‘N Speed Show.’

IShowSpeed is the latest streamer to have a mob of fans surround him during a broadcast.

Fans surround & jump on IShowSpeed’s car during IRL Scotland stream

However, Speed’s fame as an online broadcaster resulted in a fairly tense moment as the streamer made his way to Scotland, which he steamed live for his fans.

During the stream, fans picked up on where Speed was located, resulting in a mob of viewers rushing toward him and the vehicle he was in. The crowd of fans began hitting on the car’s windows — and a few even jumped on top of it as it drove down the street.

“Yo, Scotland’s hella f*ckin’ lit man, holy sh*tballs!” Speed exclaimed. “Look at f*ckin’ Scotland!”

Of course, Speed couldn’t resist barking at one of his viewers through the window in an attempt to get them to back off.

“Careful, they’re on the car,” a passenger in the vehicle can be heard saying.

“They’re on the f*ckin’ car!” Speed repeated. “Oh my god. Holy sh*t.”